Dog Trainer Ki

Write to me if you have any problems with your dog.

Location: Tallinn, Estonia


Erki Hindo, 28

Tallinn, Estonia
Dog trainer & owner of PPS
Languages: English, Estonian

- Focusing on creating healthy daily routines -

My approach to dog training has always been to advise owners how to understand their dogs and to give owners simple guidelines on what to do.

Because at the end of the day, even if I'm highly certified, it's nearly not as important as the owner's skills.

Services in Estonia

Individual training
Personal consultation and dog training at your house, at your given time.
35€ per hour

Individual training x 5
Booking 5 training-hours in advance will give a ~15% discount.

Extra: Outside Tallinn
If you live outside of Tallinn, then there will be an extra cost for transportation.
+ 5€ - 20€